Jontron Noticed Me

Here’s to you, Jonathan Jafari. 


Here’s to you, Jonathan Jafari. 


Goodnight, sweet prince.

I cant die happy until Jon has had lunch with me at least once.

——————- I feel you. Oh god do I feel you.



Holy crap he noticed you! I haven't checked this blog in so long... Congrats!!

Yeah, he noticed me a while ago. 

I nearly cried.


I’m so happy for you! And your art is TOTALLY ADORABLE! <3 
Awesome job! 

This blog is the bomb diggity, I would like to submit my needle felted Jacques that I made for Jon, but have since grown so attached that I don’t want to send it anymore and have to make another. I also posted this on the Reddit so maybe he already saw it? MAYBE? POSSIBLY? PERHAPS? I’LL SEND YOU ANOTHER ONE JON OKimage


This is beautiful! Great job, man!

After some serious consideration, and thought on the subject, I have decided that this will now be a blog dedicated to Jon Jafari and all of our struggles for acknowledgment of our favourite bearded Grump! 
If you got noticed by Jon, or just want to submit some art you’ve made for him, then just jump on over to the submit page, and drop it on in! 

Phew! I finally answered all those asks!
Sorry that took so long guys. I got almost 50 asks! It was a lot for one person to answer. 
Well, I think it’s about time that I told you guys a smidge about myself. 

Hi! I’m Billie, and I’m an 18 year old Canadian female who enjoys the Ganger Gamps. I’ve been watching them since the very, very beginning, and started watching because of Egoraptor. In the beginning I was not very fond of Jon, but when he made the mic joke in Kirby I fell in love. I rewatched the whole episode, and actually paid attention to him and realized that he was really funny, and that he was awesome!
Then my love for him just slowly got more and more defined until the Jeopardy episode of Grumps. 
Arin mentioned that Jon had gone to college for Theatre. I lost it. I was so excited because I’m going to college for theatre, and we had that much more in common. It was in that moment that Jon Jafari dominated my life and opinion of best Grump. 
So for the last 8-9 months (however long Game Grumps has been going for) I’ve replaced listening to music while on the computer with watching Game Grumps. 
This is my life. 

Not that any of you cared enough to know all this, I just figured I should tell you a little about myself. Just for funsies. 


It's a little tempting to make a blog titled "Arin-Senpai still hasn't noticed me", just to see results.
i'm so happy for you omg i followed this blog like 2-3 days after you started posting and he's a little butt, but i'm glad he noticed you, your goal has been achieved *salutes* (iwonderifarinnoticedyourotheroneyet)

Oh, thank you! 

Congrats. You've done what many of us only dream of doing.

I would suggest a countdown where you count until you meet JonTron. Along with the Jon theme that the previous ask suggested.

Oh, I like that idea! But that would be a long, long count, seeing as I live in Canada. 
But if everyone is cool with that then we can do it!